100 Things to Do Before High School

100 Things to Do Before High School premiered in November 2014 on Nickelodeon. The live-action, single camera sitcom aired for a single season of 26 half-hour episodes.

About The Show

Young CJ Martin has a different kind of bucket list than older people do. When her brother warns her that life isn’t as much fun in high school, she becomes determined to strengthen the bond with her two best friends, Fenwick and Christian, while in middle school, before their lives change forever upon entering high school. The threesome tackles a bucket list of adventures, which can be as simple as CJ trying to talk to her eighth-grade crush, or as complicated as Christian confronting his fear of snakes. Whatever the challenge, the students realize that mastering “the list” is always easier when friends are by their side. [via Gracenote]

The series stars Isabela Moner, Jaheem King Toombs, Owen Joyner, and Jack De Sena.

The Episode List

The episode list and air dates below are for Nickelodeon in the United States. The dates, days, and times listed are for their first appearance on the network. The codes are official episode numbers used by the network.

Code Title Date Day Time
Season 1
999 (101/102) Pilot Nov-11-2014 Tue 7:00p
105 Start a Garage Band Thing! May-30-2015 Sat 9:00p
106 Run With the Bears Thing! Jun-6-2015 Sat 8:00p
104 Say Yes to Everything for a Day Thing! Jun-13-2015 Sat 8:00p
107 Be a Fairy Godmother Thing! Jun-20-2015 Sat 8:30p
108 Stay Up All Night Thing! Jun-27-2015 Sat 8:30p
109 Adopt a Flour Baby Thing! Jul-11-2015 Sat 8:30p
110 Change Your Look and See What Happens Thing! Jul-18-2015 Sat 8:30p
103 Find Your Super Power Thing! Jul-25-2015 Sat 8:30p
111 Scavenger Hunt Thing! Sept-19-2015 Sat 9:00p
112 Make a New Friend Thing! Sept-26-2015 Sat 9:00p
113 Be a Mad Scientist Thing! Oct-3-2015 Sat 9:00p
115 Join A Club Thing! Oct-10-2015 Sat 9:00p
125 Have The Best Halloween School Day Ever Thing! Oct-24-2015 Sat 9:00p
117 Get The Most Out Of A Sick Day Thing! Nov-7-2015 Sat 9:04p
116 Sit at a Different Lunch Table Thing! Nov-14-2015 Sat 9:00p
121 Survive the Virus Attack Trapped in the Last Home Base Station on Earth Thing! Nov-21-2015 Sat 9:00p
119 Run For Office Thing! Jan-9-2016 Sat 9:00p
124 Always Tell The Truth (But Not Always) Thing! Jan-16-2016 Sat 9:00p
122 Become A Millionaire and Give it All Away Thing! Jan-23-2016 Sat 9:00p
118 Leave Your Mark Thing! Jan-30-2016 Sat 9:00p
123 Meet Your Idol Thing! Feb-6-2016 Sat 9:00p
120 Master a Thing Thing! Feb-13-2016 Sat 9:30p
126 Raise Your Hand Thing! Feb-20-2016 Sat 9:00p
114 Get Your Heart Pre-Broken Thing! Feb-27-2016 Sat 9:00p