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’80s “Ninja Turtles” Joins Nicktoons; “Smurfs” Joins Discovery Family

Author: Nickandmore!

Two animated series from the 1980s are joining Nicktoons and Discovery Family.

The original 1987 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was just recently announced to have been acquired by Nickelodeon. Now it will join Nicktoons’ line-up on Monday, July 31, airing each night that week from midnight until 1am. A marathon will also air late-Friday night from 1-6am.

This will be the first time the ’80s TMNT series has aired on cable TV since 1996 when it was on USA Network and all of TV since 1997 where it was still on CBS’ Saturday morning kids block. It’s also the second oldest TV program to air on the Nicktoons channel since its 2002 launch (Charlie Brown series and specials were the only older program).

Streaming Updates: The first 5 episodes have been posted to the official TMNT YouTube Channel as a compilation video, with a number of edits to episodes. The series has also joined Pluto TV’s Nickelodeon Totally Turtles channel as of July 31. The edits from YouTube are not present on these airings.

Sticking with ’80s animation, The Smurfs will join Discovery Family’s schedule on Monday, August 7, airing weekdays from 7-8am. The show has regularly aired on Boomerang in the past and is streaming on Max. It joins two older Looney Tunes series that were added to the network in May.