The Splat is now NickSplat

Author: Nickandmore!

Nickelodeon has updated the name and logo for their programming block on TeenNick that airs and celebrates classic Nickelodeon programming both on-air and online. As of May 1, The Splat is now NickSplat.

As you may remember, The Splat started in October 2015 as a replacement for The ’90s Are All That which began in July 2011.

The name change, while sudden and unexpected, should have likely been this way from the start. Every Nickelodeon-branded network and block has had the “Nick” name in it (Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick Jr, Nick@Nite, even the now defunct NickMom). My guess is since they wanted to aim for the older Nickelodeon fans, they left the “new” (i.e. 2009) Nick logo off. However, giving it the “Nick” name directly identifies it with the Nickelodeon brand and thus may expand the block and its social media presence to today’s Nick audience.

The new logo, as seen above, has other alterations besides the “Nick” name. The orange “splat” itself is shaped differently and the “S” is no longer larger than the other letters.

NickSplat’s new Twitter handle @NickSplat makes it clear that it is still the “same Splat”.