TeenNick Launches New Website, YouTube Channel

Author: Nickandmore!

After more than a year with an inactive website (the last ‘blog’ post was February 29, 2016), has finally been updated. The network has also launched an official YouTube channel.

There isn’t much to the new website, other than it looking nice. There are literally two pages:

Page 1 – The Homepage: Here we have a video player and links to eight shows (half of which aren’t even currently airing on the network). The show pages are actually located at the website, though.

Page 2 – The TV Schedule: Personally, I’m glad they are keeping an official TV schedule page. Many networks have ditched it, which is unfortunate. It looks pretty neat as well:

The framework for the new is actually a copy of the relaunched website, which went up last June. That too is very bare-bones.

In addition, TeenNick has recently launched a dedicated website for TeenNick Top 10 (their only original series). It’s located at, of course:

While it’s not great and leaves much to be desired, it’s better than nothing. Now, how about doing the same for