“Breadwinners” Premieres Move to Nicktoons; “Get Blake” Finally Premieres

Author: Nickandmore!


This April, Nicktoons will start premiering unaired episodes of the recently-not-renewed Breadwinners starting April 18. Also starting April 20, the long delayed animated comedy Get Blake makes its American premiere.

Starting April 18, Nicktoons will begin airing new episodes and network premiere episodes each weekday at 6pm ET:

On Mondays, Breadwinners makes its way to burn-off episodes on Nicktoons, joining many other series that saw their final episodes air on the lower-rated network.

Tuesdays see new Rabbids Invasion episodes return to Nicktoons, after a brief premiere run in December before the show bounced back to the main Nick network in January/February.

Wednesdays will finally see the U.S. premiere of the animated series Get Blake. Originally announced way back in September 2012 under the working title of “Blake and the Aliens”, the series has aired on several international networks already. See a clip below:

Thursdays and Fridays will see Nicktoons premieres for recent episodes of The Fairly OddParents and Sanjay and Craig that have already premiered on Nickelodeon.