Adult Swim

“One Piece” Gains Re-Run Slot on Adult Swim

Author: Josh

One PieceAfter the surprising addition of Dragon Ball Z Kai re-runs to Adult Swim’s Saturday prime-time lineup, another long-running shonen will join its ranks. According to Jason DeMarco on his Twitter pageOne Piece will be re-running right after Dragon Ball Z Kai Saturday nights at 8:30pm ET/PT starting  this Saturday (March 7th). The re-runs will be starting with last week’s episode (episode 290). This sudden change will replace re-runs of the Adult Swim comedy Rick and Morty.

As with Dragon Ball Z Kai, there will not be any Toonami branding during this broadcast. There are also no plans to move Toonami to an earlier timeslot as of this writing. New to Toonami/Adult Swim episodes of One Piece will still air every Saturday at 2:30am ET/PT.

An interesting fact about this change is that both Dragon Ball Z Kai and One Piece are produced by Toei Animation and are both licensed to Funimation Entertainment for release in the United States and Canada.

In other Toonami related news, due to Daylight Savings Time, Gurren Lagann, One Piece, and Deadman Wonderland  will be pushed back an hour to accommodate the loss of an hour this week. Each will run at 3am, 3:30am, and 4am respectively (all times EDT/PDT).