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Which Network’s Bug is Biggest?

Author: Nickandmore!

Which Network's Bug is Biggest?

Have you ever wondered which network’s bug (the logo in the lower left or right corner of the screen telling you which network you’re watching) takes up the most space on the screen? Well… wonder no more!

Measuring the square area around the border of the complete bug, I’ve calculated the total percentage area each bug accounts for on a typical 16:9 HDTV set. I’m using the screen-captured images below for the calculation. Of all the kids networks we cover here in America, only two are not broadcast in high definition: TeenNick and Boomerang. I’ve added black bars to the sides of their screenshots to present how the networks look on a normal HDTV set.

It’s important to note that networks sometimes have more on the screen than their bug, such as words like “New Episode” or other indications of upcoming programming, etc. The purpose of this article is simply to calculate the bug alone. Also of note, Nickelodeon’s networks are the only ones to still use the “HD” term beside their logos, something the other networks have completely abandoned.

The 10 networks covered and included in the rankings below are: Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick Jr., Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Discovery Family.

The findings: Disney XD’s bug takes up the most square space on the screen (1.724%) while TeenNick’s logo takes up the least (0.432%). Nicktoons’ bug is the widest on-screen (22.5%) while Boomerang’s new logo is the skinniest (8.0%). And again, Disney XD’s bug is the tallest (13.4%) while TeenNick’s is the shortest (4.0%).

Screenshots of each network’s bug as well as the individual data and rankings are listed below:

Disney XD's bug

Disney XD
Total screen area: 1.724% (ranks #1)
Bug’s width: 12.9% (ranks #6)
Bug’s height: 13.4% (ranks #1)

Disney Junior's bug

Disney Junior
Total screen area: 1.608% (ranks #2)
Bug’s width: 14.1% (ranks #4)
Bug’s height: 11.4% (ranks #2, tie)

Disney Channel's bug

Disney Channel
Total screen area: 1.551% (ranks #3)
Bug’s width: 13.6% (ranks #5)
Bug’s height: 11.4% (ranks #2, tie)

Nick Jr.'s bug

Nick Jr.
Total screen area: 1.473% (ranks #4)
Bug’s width: 20.0% (ranks #2)
Bug’s height: 7.4% (ranks #5)

Nicktoons' bug

Total screen area: 1.406% (ranks #5)
Bug’s width: 22.5% (ranks #1)
Bug’s height: 6.3% (ranks #7)

Nickelodeon's bug

Total screen area: 1.045% (ranks #6)
Bug’s width: 14.6% (ranks #3)
Bug’s height: 7.1% (ranks #6)

Cartoon Network's bug

Cartoon Network
Total screen area: 0.942% (ranks #7)
Bug’s width: 9.4% (ranks #9)
Bug’s height: 10.0% (ranks #4)

Boomerang's bug

Total screen area: 0.875% (ranks #8)
Bug’s width: 8.0% (ranks #10)
Bug’s height: 10.9% (ranks #3)

Boomerang's bug

For fun, Boomerang’s old logo (which just went out of use this past Sunday) had a square area of 1.109%, a width of 8.9% and height of 12.5%. That means the new logo takes up 21% less area and is 10% skinnier and nearly 13% shorter.

Discovery Family Channel's bug

Discovery Family Channel
Total screen area: 0.588% (ranks #9)
Bug’s width: 9.8% (ranks #8)
Bug’s height: 6.0% (ranks #8)

TeenNick's bug

Total screen area: 0.432% (ranks #10)
Bug’s width: 10.8% (ranks #7)
Bug’s height: 4.0% (ranks #9)