Boomerang Officially Rebrands in the U.S.

Author: Nickandmore!

BoomerangSay goodbye to the 15 years of similar packaging and logo for Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel, because as of 6 a.m. (ET) this morning, Boomerang has officially rebranded.

We first heard of Boomerang’s global realignment plans last February. The rebrand first occurred September 29 in Latin America. Then in October we got word it would officially happen in 2015 for America. Now today, it’s here.

It’s very colorful and has many moving parts. The network’s bumpers and promos are voiced by kids. The now famous “You’re watching Boomerang, from Cartoon Network” voice-over is replaced by kids with the “from Cartoon Network” part being dropped.

The new packaging is made for HD but there is no HD feed for Boomerang in America yet. It’s presented in 4:3 letterbox. New promos have also been created. I’ve seen one for Tom & Jerry so far. At the end, it even says “Watch Tom & Jerry tonight at 7.”

Take a look at some screenshots below. It’ll try and add more as the day goes on:

I’ve also made a grid with Boomerang’s current schedule. I’ve marked the series that are broadcast in 4:3 letterbox on the network. The rest are aired in their original 4:3 format (not stretched or anything):

Boomerang Current Schedule