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Toonami Roundup: “InuYasha: The Final Act” Joins November 15th, “Hellsing Ultimate” Pulled

Author: Josh

InuYasha: The Final ActFor our latest rundown of what’s going on with Toonami, we have a good news/bad news situation.

First off, InuYasha: The Final Act will join Toonami on November 15th at 2am ET. The show has long been anticipated to come to [adult swim]/Toonami, due to the fact that the original InuYasha series aired on the block.

Unfortunately, this addition is in the wake of news that Hellsing Ultimate will NOT be airing in its entirety (the last episode to air will be Episode 8 on November 8th). This is most likely due to legal issues unknown to us at the moment. However, you can buy Episodes 9 and 10 in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack on October 28th (available for pre-order now on RightStuf, Amazon, and the official Funimation Shop).

While it is confirmed that InuYasha: The Final Act will air in the 2am ET timeslot, it is currently unknown what will take the 2:30am ET timeslot. Likely candidates include IGPX and FLCL, since Toonami currently has both shows at their disposal to air whenever needed.

Other interesting tibits of news include Attack on Titan staying in its 11:30pm ET timeslot for a second run and upcoming series Dragon Ball Z Kai will be broadcasted in a 4:3 ratio, preserving the original aspect of the series (special bars will be made for use on the right and left of the screen).

All news provided in this roundup came from the official Toonami Tumblr page.