Discovery Family

Discovery Family Schedule: 5am-5pm Kids, 5pm-5am Discovery Shows

Author: Nickandmore!

Discovery FamilySitcoms are gone. The daily movies are gone. Marathons of other Discovery networks’ shows are here.

Starting Monday, October 13, the Hub Network will rebrand as Discovery Family. Kids programming will will the network between 5am-5pm with Hasbro Studios shows and other kids programming currently seen on the Hub Network.

Programming from other Discovery networks will air from 5pm-5am, like Discovery Channel’s Africa and Survival of the Weirdest on Monday night, Science Channel’s How Do They Do It?, Extreme Engineering: Big Reveals and Buying the Galaxy on Tuesday night, Factory Made and Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog on Wednesday night and TLC’s Cake Boss and Quints by Surprise on Thursday night. Friday looks to be various specials, like behind the scenes on the Disney Cruise and at Walt Disney World, plus stuff like What Sank Titanic? – all of these shows are from various Discovery networks. Saturdays are movies and The Haunting Hour through the night. Sunday’s see Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation (the original series aired on The Hub at launch) and Hillbilly Handfishin’.

Back to the kids’ side of the network – most shows will be moving up some in time from where they currently air on weekdays. Dan Vs. is gone as is one of Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch’s showings. For example, Jem and the ’80s G.I. Joe will now air in the 5am hour and Family Game Night will air at 8:30am. Pony fans can relax as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will air from 10:30am-noon and 3:30-5pm.

Weekend daytime schedules will remain mostly the same. However, new episodes of Hub series Parents Just Don’t Understand move to Sundays with Family Game Night airing at 1pm and 2pm, respectively.

Gone completely from the network are: Dan Vs., Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot, sitcoms Sister, Sister, Blossom, Step by Step, ALF, G.I. Joe Renegades, KaijudoKid President, SheZow, Aquabats, Fraggle Rock, Chuck & Friends, Goosebumps and regular daily movies.

Here’s the promo running on TV for Discovery Family: