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Toonami Roundup: “Beware the Batman”, “Sym-Bionic Titan” Written-Off, Schedule Changes Galore

Author: Josh

Toonami 2014Some unexpected news has recently occurred on Toonami, causing massive changes to the schedule. Due to this and the other changes made before this event occurred, a Toonami roundup is in order.

First off, a Toonami Tumblr post declared that the legal department over at [adult swim] told the Toonami crew that two Toonami staples are being written-off, Beware the Batman and Sym-Bionic Titan. This, unfortunately, means Toonami will no longer be able to broadcast either show on their block after September 27th. However, do not fret Batman fans! Toonami has made an unexpected schedule change to show ALL of the remaining unaired episodes of the show this Saturday, September 27th from 2:30am ET – 6am ET. Toonami regulars Hellsing UltimateFullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodCowboy BebopStar Wars: The Clone Wars, and Samurai Jack will be pre-empted for that night.

Unfortunately due to this unexpected change, Star Wars: The Clone Wars run on Toonami has been cut short. The show was originally expected to end its Toonami run on September 27th. However, this will no longer happen due to the Beware the Batman marathon.

Also, Space Dandy’s 2nd season first-run is ending on September 27th. The show was planned to leave the block temporarily after that date. However, re-runs of Space Dandy will now begin airing the week after (October 4th) at 3am ET. It is currently unknown whether or not the second run will start at season two or start from the beginning (season one). An interesting fact is that both Space Dandy and Cowboy Bebop will run back-to-back (both are shows created by Shinichiro Watanabe).

Two other previously announced schedule changes have also been affected. The Big O (Season 2) was scheduled to begin on October 4th, with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG joining on October 11th. Now, BOTH shows will begin on October 4th at 4:30am ET for the latter and 5am ET for the former.

Here is the schedule for Toonami for the dates September 27th and October 4th, provided by Toonami’s Tumblr page:

September 27th, 2014:

11:30p – Attack on Titan
12:00a – Bleach
12:30a – Space Dandy
01:00a – Naruto: Shippuden
01:30a – One Piece
02:00a – Gurren Lagann
02:30a – Beware the Batman
03:00a – Beware the Batman
03:30a – Beware the Batman
04:00a – Beware the Batman
04:30a – Beware the Batman
05:00a – Beware the Batman
05:30a – Beware the Batman

October 4th, 2014:

11:30p – Attack on Titan
12:00a – Bleach
12:30a – Naruto: Shippuden
01:00a – One Piece
01:30a – Gurren Lagann
02:00a – Hellsing Ultimate
03:00a – Space Dandy (begins re-running)
03:30a – Cowboy Bebop
04:00a – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
04:30a – Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig
05:00a – Big O (Season 2)
05:30a – Samurai Jack