“The Legend of Korra” Premieres to Horrible Ratings

Author: Nickandmore!

The Legend of Korra

It’s pretty sad to report that last Friday’s Book 3 premiere of The Legend of Korra premiered to some pretty horrible numbers.

The one-hour premiere from 7-8pm scored 1.504 million total viewers. The new half-hour at 8pm scored 1.298 million.

Of course, Nickelodeon only has themselves to blame. The new season’s premiere date was only announced 7 days before it aired.

This wasn’t a series low – but both were very close to it. The only episode that has ever scored lower on Nickelodeon was last Book’s “Peacekeepers” on 10/4/2013, which had 1.103 million viewers. The next highest was the “Beginnings” hour special on 10/18/2013 with 1.726 million viewers.