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Corus Kids Reveals YTV & TELETOON’s New & Returning Programs for 2014-15

Author: Curtis

Toronto-based media conglomerate Corus Entertainment has unveiled its latest slate of kids programs for YTV and Teletoon’s 2014 and 2015 lineups.

For YTV, Corus is renewing Some Assembly Required, Numb Chucks, and Nerds and Monsters, all for their second season.

YTV’s new shows for this fall include Max & Shred and Looped. Its line-up for winter 2015 features The Stanley Dynamic and The Game. 

  • Live-action show Max & Shred (26 x 30 minutes) is from Breakthrough Entertainment. It’s about the unlikely friendship of famous snowboarder Max Axer, who moves in with academic keener Alvin Ackerman and his family.
  • Looped (26 x 30 minutes) is an animated series from DHX Media about best friends Luc and Theo, who get stuck in a time loop where every day is the same Monday.
  • The Stanley Dynamic (20 x 30 minutes) is a hybrid live-action/animated show from Amaze Film + Television. The multi-cam sitcom is about the Stanleys, a TV family similar to viewers’ own, except for the fact that they have a son who is an animated cartoon.
  • The Game (20 x 30 minutes), from Ad Lib Films, is a live-action comedy about Cody Martin, an average 13-year-old dealing with the awkward job of growing up. A job made more painful by the two sportscaster, Bob and Dave, who follow him around and give play-by-play analysis of his day.

TELETOONTELETOON and Télétoon are renewing Camp Lakebottom, Total Drama “Ridonkulous Race,” Fugget About It and Au pays des Tête à claques. 

New shows for this fall include Freak vs. Sweet, Atomic Puppet, Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong. Its fall 2015/winter 2016 lineup includes ToonMart Marty, Craqué and  Les Grandes Gueules.  

  • Freak vs. Sweet (26 x 22 minutes) from Portfolio Entertaiment, is a story of a land ravaged by the evil forces of cute, with only one element of freakiness remaining – Benjamin Bones and his friends must protect their freaky town from Princess Boo Boo, who wants to turn the town cute.
  • Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong (26 x 22 minutes) is from Entertainment One. It’s an animated series following the antics of Winston Steinburger, his feline friend Sir Dudley, and an uptight alien Hampton, as they explore galaxies in a homemade space cruise.
  • Atomic Puppet (26 x 22 minutes) is a Mercury Filmworks series, co-produced with France-based Technicolor and Gaumont Animation. The animated series is the story of young Joey Felt’s transformation from super fan to super hero. When his favorite hero Captain Atomic is transformed into a super puppet only activated by his fist, Joey finally has super powers…kind of.
  • ToonMart Marty (20 x 22 minutes), from Sardine Productions, is an animated series about ToonMart Marty, the huge fiberglass rooftop mascot of ToonMart. The mascot is zapped to life in a bizarre accident, and his life changes forever.
  • Craqué (52 x 1 minute) is from Squeeze Studio Animation. It’s about Ed, a paranoid ostrich dad who wants to protect his eight hyperactive eggs who only want to discover the world.
  • Les Grandes Gueules, English title TBC (26 x 22 minutes) is from Oasis Animation. It’s inspired from well-known characters and radio sketches from the past 19 years. Each episode features audio clips from the Grandes Gueules catalogue and original stories around a specific topic or intrigue.

In the coming weeks, YTV and Teletoon will announce more details around their fall 2014 broadcast schedules.