Vortexx Ending? The CW Goes for E/I This Fall, Ending Broadcast Kids TV

Author: Nickandmore!


Our friends (and web hosts) over at toonzone have discovered that a new five-hour E/I programming block is headed for The CW this fall – meaning that Saban Brands’ Vortexx block is over.

Launched in August 2012, the almost two-year old block has remained largely unchanged for the last year, with only the addition of Digimon Fusion repeats.

Right now, it is unclear what will happen to the other Vortexx programs. Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, the only show currently airing actual premiere episodes on the block, does repeat on Nicktoons.

As the article notes, this will bring an end to traditional Saturday morning broadcast programming for kids. Broadcasters ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and now The CW are all showcasing E/I (educational and informational) programming to meet the FCC requirements. NBC’s programming does include repeats from the Sprout television network, but it is targeted towards preschoolers.

As we mentioned back in 2012, Vortexx faced a tough uphill battle. It would seem they gave up.