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Toonami at Momocon: “Dragon Ball Z Kai” Coming; “Cowboy Bebop” Returning

Author: Josh

Toonami was at Momocon Saturday, and has announced a whole lot. Here’s a few things it has announced thus far:

First off, after much demand from the fans, Toonami will finally be showing Dragon Ball Z Kai. No premiere date has been set yet, although it has been confirmed to start in the fall. While it’s not the original Dragon Ball Z show that aired on the old Toonami, fans should be happy nevertheless by this development. This will be the 3rd time a DBZ related production has been shown on the [adult swim] Toonami (the original Dragon Ball Z was shown as a one-time airing during the April 1st, 2012 stunt and the Dragon Ball Z movie Cooler’s Revenge was shown on Toonami May 24th, 2014).

Second, the cult anime Cowboy Bebop is making its way back to Toonami airwaves. The show was taken off on October 19th, 2013 due to the original Bandai Entertainment license expiring (although the show did return for a one-night stunt marathon on December 28th, 2013 to promote the then upcoming premiere of Space Dandy). The show will at first be broadcasted in SD, but it will eventually be broadcasted using the brand new HD masters.