Nick Places Unaired “Winx Club” Episodes Online

Author: Nickandmore!

Winx Club

Nickelodeon will host eight unaired episodes of Winx Club online at starting tomorrow, May 17.

UPDATE: The episodes are now available.

  • #609 “Shrine of the Green Dragon”
  • #610 “The Secret Greenhouse”
  • #611 “Broken Dreams”
  • #612 “Shimmer in the Shadows”
  • #613 “The Fairy Godmother”
  • #614 “Mythix”
  • #615 “Mystery of Calavera”
  • #616 “Zombie Invasion”

Since launching on Nick in 2011, Winx Club has been unable to gain an audience. The series aired four hour-long specials from June to October 2011, summarizing the show’s first two seasons (which aired in America on FOX’s 4Kids TV block and Cartoon Network) before running season three’s 26 episodes in November and December 2011.

Following that, the Winx Club movie “The Secret of the Lost Kingdom” aired in March 2012 before season four premiered in May 2012, airing 26 episodes doubled up each week until July.

The Viacom co-produced season five launched in the fall and aired sporadically from August 2012 to September 2013. A second movie “Magical Adventure” aired in May 2013 as well. Season six launched last September and has aired eight of the season’s 26 episodes thus far.

Since the season three run-through in late-2011, the show has rarely aired on the main Nickelodeon channel outside of premieres. Repeats have aired on TeenNick, but that too has stopped as of last month.