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Disney Channel’s Logo Changing Along With On-Air Design

Author: Nickandmore!

Disney Channel 2014 logo

We’ve noted before that Disney Channel’s on-air design is changing this summer with the arrival of Girl Meets World. Now, we know for sure that the logo is changing as well.

Disney Channel Germany updated their on-air design and logo on January 17 and now it seems Disney Channel USA will follow suit.

The new logo was first noticed today (May 2) on the poster for the upcoming original movie Zapped, which premieres June 27 along with Girl Meets World. If we were guessing people, we’d say that June 27 is the likely date for the full launch of the new graphics. But it could always start sooner…

UPDATE 5/10: The new logo and on-air design is now being used for new episodes on the premium Disney Channel On Demand.

UPDATE 5/18: Disney Channel’s Facebook says that on Friday, May 23, it’s “out with the old and in with the new”, so you know what that means!

UPDATE 5/23: The new logo and on-air design went into effect today, Friday, May 23, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. ET/PT!

Zapped Poster

This will be the first major logo update in nearly 12 years. October 2002 was when the current logo started, but was updated to the app-like design in May 2010.

See the on-air design change in action with this new Girl Meets World trailer:

Stay tuned for more info on when the design will take full effect.