Clips from Saturday’s New “Sam & Cat”, “Hathaways” & “Thundermans”

Author: Nickandmore!

The Haunted Hathaways - "Haunted Visitor"

via Nickelodeon:

Spend this Saturday night with Nickelodeon and brand-new episodes of your favorite family comedies.

The night kicks off at 8:00p.m.(ET/PT) with Sam and Cat “#BlueDogSoda.” When their favorite soda pop is banned, Sam and Cat begin making their own version in their apartment, but when they start selling the soda, the authorities come knocking at their door.

Then, at 8:30p.m.(ET/PT), don’t miss a very special episode of The Haunted Hathawaysguest staring Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Baron Davis (New York Knicks). In “Haunted Visitor,” Ray’s dad Duke (Ernie Hudson), a very “old school ghost,” comes into town to visit his boys and Ray is forced to break the news that the Preston men are happily living with a non-ghost family of girls.

The night wraps up at 9:00p.m.(ET/PT) with the premiere of The Thundermans.“Restaurant Crashers” where the Thunderman kids must enlist the help of family friend and superhero sidekick, Blobbin, after they carelessly wreck the gift Hank got Barb for their anniversary.