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Toonami Announces New “TIE” For 2015

Author: Josh

Toonami Total Immersion Event

Toonami announcements just keep getting better and better! Toonami announced on their Tumblr that the cult favorite TIEs (Total Immersion Event) will be making a return starting in 2015 (date TBD).

The Total Immersion Events first started on September 8th, 2000 with the premiere of “The Intruder,” which was heavily remembered for the death of TOM 1 and the birth of TOM 2. The event featured a plot where a monster-type intruder invaded the Absolution (the ship that TOM and SARA host from). With this new TIE, TOM and SARA will once again face the monster in a sequel to the original TIE, “The Intruder 2.”

Why has this news been released so early? Well, Toonami needs help from us fans. This weekend (Feb. 8th-9th), make sure to post #intruder2 on whatever social media site you use (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

After this TIE, “Toonami will not be the same…”