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“Cowboy Bebop” Returns to Toonami, Marathon Style!

Author: Josh

Cowboy Bebop

Spike and the gang make their return to the Toonami block this Saturday (12/28) as the Toonami crew will present their favorite episodes of the critically acclaimed Cowboy Bebop in a marathon format, directly following the premiere of Trigun: Badlands Rumble.

The Toonami crew has confirmed that they will not be using the HD masters of the show, and that the main purpose of the marathon is to get ready for Space Dandy the following week, which is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (the same person who directed Bebop).

Considering that the Toonami crew was interested in getting the HD masters, it may hint that we’ll have to wait a while ’till Spike returns to Toonami full-scale.

The full schedule for the 28th can be found below (all times Eastern):

12:00 AM Trigun: Badlands Rumble
2:00 AM Cowboy Bebop – “Ballad of Fallen Angels”
2:30 AM Cowboy Bebop – “Jupiter Jazz, Part 1”
3:00 AM Cowboy Bebop – “Jupiter Jazz, Part 2”
3:30 AM Cowboy Bebop – “Mushroom Samba”
4:00 AM Cowboy Bebop – “Pierrot le Fou”
4:30 AM Cowboy Bebop – “Hard Luck Woman”
5:00 AM Cowboy Bebop – “The Real Folk Blues, Part 1”
5:30 AM Cowboy Bebop – “The Real Folk Blues, Part 2”