New “SpongeBob” Special Scores 5.2 Million Viewers – Nick’s 2nd Highest Rated Telecast of 2013

Author: Nickandmore!

SpongeBob You're Fired

Nickelodeon’s half-hour SpongeBob SquarePants special “SpongeBob You’re Fired” soaked up 5.186 million total viewers on Monday night – Nick’s second highest rated telecast of 2013.

Only this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards scored higher, with only 635,000 more viewers (5.821 million). The now third highest rated program on Nickelodeon this year was a new episode of SpongeBob on March 2 with 4.734 million viewers. In total, seven of this year’s ten most watched telecasts on Nick were SpongeBob showings (both new and repeats).