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“Mighty Morphin Weekend” on TeenNick’s 90s Block

Author: Nickandmore!

Mighty Morphin Weekend

TeenNick’s overnight The ‘90s Are All That block is breaking out of its Nick-only shell for a Mighty Morphin Weekend featuring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

The classic ‘90s Saban series will air this Friday-Sunday night from midnight-4am (ET). The episodes will run “off the clock” but not for extra commercials – for an extra episode each night!

The mostly Tommy-themed schedule of episodes follows:

Friday, November 8
12:00AM “Day of the Dumpster”
12:28AM “Green With Evil (1): Out of Control”
12:55AM “Green With Evil (2): Jason’s Battle”
1:22AM “Green With Evil (4): Eclipsing Megazord”
1:49AM “Green With Evil (5): Breaking the Spell”
2:15AM “The Green Candle (1)”
2:42AM “The Green Candle (2)”
3:08AM “Doomsday (1)”
3:34AM “Doomsday (2)”

Saturday, November 9
12:00AM “The Mutiny (1)”
12:28AM “The Mutiny (2)”
12:55AM “The Mutiny (3)”
1:22AM “Green No More (1)”
1:49AM “Green No More (2)”
2:15AM “Missing Green”
2:42AM “White Light (1)”
3:08AM “White Light (2)”
3:34AM “The Ninja Encounter (1)”

Sunday, November 10
12:00AM “The Ninja Encounter (2)”
12:28AM “The Ninja Encounter (3)”
12:55AM “The Wedding (1)”
1:22AM “The Wedding (2)”
1:49AM “The Wedding (3)”
2:15AM “Ninja Quest (1)”
2:42AM “Ninja Quest (2)”
3:08AM “Ninja Quest (3)”
3:34AM “Ninja Quest (4)”

Start times and correct episode count via our friend Burgundy Ranger’s Power Rangers On-Air Central.