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Happy 4th of July! Today’s TV Viewing Options

Author: Nickandmore!

4th of July

As America celebrates its independence, you can spend the day freely (well, at the expense of your cable bill) watching your favorite shows in marathon form! Many of the networks we cover will have special marathons today. Here’s a rundown:


Start the day at 7am with two preschool specials: Team Umizoomi’s “The King of Numbers” and Bubble Guppies’ “Fin-tastic Fairy Tale”. Follow that up with a two-hour block of pet-themed SpongeBob episodes from 9-11am. Then, buddy up for an hour of Sanjay and Craig. Follow that with the fairies, in Fairly OddParents “Channel Chasers” at noon and two more recent episodes afterwards. Sam & Cat are up next for three back-to-back airings. The Spongy-one is back at 4pm for the “Legends of Bikini Bottom” tales in block format, followed by three other episodes. Single showings of VICTORiOUS, Sam & Cat, Big Time Rush and Wendell & Vinnie round out Nick’s programming day.

Disney Channel

Disney has a mix of all their current original series all day, starting with the Disney Junior block cut down one hour to 6-9am. An hour of Good Luck Charlie starts off at 9am followed by the hour-long A.N.T. Farm season three premiere “trANTsferred” at 10. Next up are single showings of Dog With A Blog, Jessie, A.N.T. Farm, Shake It Up and more Good Luck Charlie and Dog With A Blog. An hour of Jessie and another hour of Good Luck Charlie airing from 2-4pm. More single showings of Shake It Up, Dog With A Blog, Austin & Ally and Jessie continue the afternoon. The recent special “Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne” airs again at 6pm followed by the most recent episode of Gravity Falls at 6:40 and A.N.T. Farm at 7:05. Jessie is up next at 7:30 followed by another hour of Good Luck Charlie at 8pm. Austin & Ally get an hour at 9pm followed by single showings of Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, A.N.T. Farm and Austin & Ally. The midnight-6am timeslots are occupied by regular programming.

Cartoon Network

Here’s a network that knows how to KISS (keep it simple, stupid)! Enjoy a marathon of The Amazing World of Gumball from 8:30am-4pm. Other timeslots are regular programming.

The Hub Network

Most of the Hub Network’s day is regular programming; however, you can enjoy three patriotic episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures from 3-4:30pm (“Wacko World of Sports,” “High Toon” and “Washingtoon”) and four back-to-back episodes of The Super Hero Squad Show from 4:30-6:30pm. Let’s get those baddies!


Start the day off with lots of Zoey 101 from 6-10am, including three hour-long episodes “Spring Break-Up,” “The Curse of PCA” and “Goodbye, Zoey?” from 7-10. Then settle in for a marathon of the kids from Hollywood Arts in VICTORiOUS from 10am-2pm. Go big time with three Big Time Rush episodes and the Big Time Movie from 2-5pm. Get an hour of music at 5 with TeenNick Top 10. Then its two hours of bewitching with Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. End the evening with two hours of VICTORiOUS, including the hour-long special “Tori Goes Platinum” at 9.

Disney XD

Summer belongs to you with the Phineas and Ferb hour-long special by the same name at 7am. Then get ready for four web-slinging hours of Ultimate Spider-Man from 8am-noon. Crash & Bernstein follow with an hour at noon. The rest of Disney XD’s day is business as usual.


Get tough with T.U.F.F. Puppy from 12:30-3pm and follow that up with a stay on the farm with Back at the Barnyard from 3-6pm. Go digital with a Digimon marathon from 6-9pm, including a new-to-Nicktoons episode at 8:30. If you aren’t tough enough yet, you can get another T.U.F.F. Puppy marathon from 9pm-midnight to help out.

It’s business as usual over on Boomerang. However of note, Pokémon has started over at the very beginning. “The Problem With Paras” aired Wednesday and “Song of Jigglypuff” airs today at 6:30pm.

All times for Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Disney XD are ET/PT. Times for the Hub Network, TeenNick, Nicktoons and Boomerang are ET only.