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New Episodes of “Johnny Test” Airing on Boomerang Before Cartoon Network

Author: Nickandmore!

Johnny Test 01

In an odd move, Cartoon Network’s sister digital network Boomerang (originally intended for classic cartoons, but now features a mix of classic and more recent) is airing new episodes of Johnny Test before Cartoon Network… in the early A.M. hours.

The completely out-of-the-blue, and unannounced, move started in April. On late-April 2 the first episode from the show’s sixth season aired. Three more have aired so far with another three scheduled for varying spots in May.

Cartoon Network started running these Test episodes on April 23, promoting them as “new” when in fact they’re not technically new.

The episodes that have aired so far (note: the dates are listed in “TV time” where a day runs from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m., so it’s technically early on the next date):

  • April 2 @ 3am – “Johnny on the Clock / Johnny X-Factor”
  • April 5 @ 4am – “Johnny Vets Dukey / Johnny’s #1 Fan”
  • April 8 @ 4:30am – “How To Train Your Johnny / Johnny and Clyde”
  • April 18 @ 3am – “Johnny’s Super Massive Kart Wheelies 7 / Smooth Talking Johnny”

Upcoming scheduled episodes:

  • May 7 @ 4:30am – “Johnny’s Head in the Clouds / Stop in the Name of Johnny”
  • May 16 @ 4am – “Johnny Opposite / Johnny on the Job”
  • May 20 @ TBA – “Johnny’s 100th Episode / Johnny’s Next Episode”
  • May 29 @ TBA – “Johnny’s Supreme Theme / Past & Present Johnny”

This is the first time Johnny Test has aired on Boomerang, and other than these episode premieres, the show doesn’t otherwise air on the network.

This also isn’t the first time Boomerang has aired episodes before Cartoon Network. Recently, two Ben 10: Omniverse episodes aired on the digital net before the main station.