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The Hub Changes Overnight Line-Up, Adds “Who’s the Boss?” Starting April 1

Author: Nickandmore!

Who's the Boss?

Starting April 1, The Hub is changing their late-night weeknight line-up. No longer will the primetime line-up from 7pm-midnight repeat from 1-6am.

The regular primetime portion from 7-11pm will remain the same, with Animaniacs from 7-8, alternating movies and series from 8-10 and Hercules at 10pm. However, Batman Beyond and Batman: The Animated Series will now air in the 11pm hour, replacing Sliders. At midnight, movies and series will now fill the midnight-2am timeslots. Mondays and Wednesdays will be movies and Tuesdays will be Who’s the Boss? – which is joining the network.

Then, starting at 2am is now a two-hour sitcom block. Laverne & Shirley will start off followed by Happy Days and Mork & Mindy. Then weeknight airings of Who’s the Boss? fill the 3:30am slot followed by Sliders each night at 4am.

The 5am hour will now be occupied by Transformers Generation 1 and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. This marks The Hub’s first move of the two classic Hasbro animated series from their midnight hour since the network launched in October 2010.

So far, no other changes are being made to the regular weekday line-up. Stay with us for continued updates, in case changes are also made to the weekend schedule as well.