Nicktoons Makes Big Schedule Shake Up Starting Monday

Author: Nickandmore!


Nicktoons is rolling out a completely new schedule starting March 11. LAST UPDATE: March 19.

Removed from the line-up completely: Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Voltron Force, El Tigre, Power Rangers S.P.D. and Monsuno.

Joining (or re-joining) the weekday line-up: Supah Ninjas, The Troop, Wild Grinders, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Robot and Monster, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, The Mighty B! and Random! Cartoons.

The new weekday line-up, effective March 11:

6AM Power Rangers Samurai
6:30AM Supah Ninjas (3 episodes)
8AM The Troop (2 episodes)
9AM Jimmy Neutron (2 episodes, March 11-15 only) The Mighty B! (2 episodes, starting March 18)
10AM Fanboy & Chum Chum (2 episodes, March 11-15 only) Random! Cartoons (2 episodes, starting March 18)
11AM Wild Grinders (2 episodes)
12PM Jimmy Neutron (2 episodes)
1PM Fanboy & Chum Chum (2 episodes)
2PM Wild Grinders (2 episodes)
3PM Dragon Ball Z Kai (2 episodes)
4PM Avatar (2 episodes)
5PM Avatar (2 episodes, March 11-15 only) Yu-Gi-Oh! (2 episodes, starting March 18)
6PM Dragon Ball Z Kai (2 episodes)
7PM Avatar (2 episodes)
8PM Yu-Gi-Oh! (2 episodes)
9PM SpongeBob (8 episodes, Mon) Fairly OddParents (8 episodes, Tue) Planet Sheen (8 episodes, Wed) T.U.F.F. Puppy (8 episodes, Thu) Avatar 9-10p/11p-1a (6 episodes, Fri) Alien Dawn 10-11p (2 episodes, Fri)
1AM Robot and Monster (2 episodes, Mon-Thu) Alien Dawn (2 episodes, Fri)
2AM Planet Sheen (2 episodes)
3AM T.U.F.F. Puppy (2 episodes)
4AM Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2 episodes)
5AM Planet Sheen (2 episodes)

The new weekend line-up, effective March 16:

6AM Random! Cartoons (2 episodes, March 16-17 only) Invader ZIM (2 episodes, starting March 23)
7AM The Mighty B! (2 episodes, March 16-17 only) My Life as a Teenage Robot (2 episodes, starting March 23)
8AM Danny Phantom (2 episodes)
9AM Back at the Barnyard (2 episodes)
10AM Fanboy & Chum Chum (2 episodes)
11AM Jimmy Neutron (2 episodes)
12PM Back at the Barnyard (2 episodes)
1PM Fanboy & Chum Chum (2 episodes)
2PM Jimmy Neutron (2 episodes)
3PM Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians (2 episodes)
4PM Wild Grinders (2 episodes)
5PM Avatar (2 episodes)
6PM Alien Dawn (2 episodes)
7PM Yu-Gi-Oh! (2 episodes)
8PM Power Rangers Megaforce / Avatar (Sat) Avatar (2 episodes, Sun)
9PM Robot and Monster (8 episodes)
1AM Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians (2 episodes, Sat) The Legend of Korra (2 episodes, Sun)
2AM The Legend of Korra (2 episodes, Sat) Yu-Gi-Oh! (2 episodes, Sun)
3AM Dragon Ball GT (2 episodes, Sat) Dragon Ball Z Kai (2 episodes, Sun)
4AM The Troop (2 episodes)
5AM ChalkZone
5:30AM All Grown Up