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Nick Ships “Anubis” to TeenNick

Author: Nickandmore!


In yet another of Nickelodeon’s cast-offs, House of Anubis will move over to TeenNick starting next Monday with the remainder of this season’s new episodes.

Nickelodeon aired the third season of Anubis for six weeks on Thursday nights to poor ratings. So far, twelve half-hours have aired (since Nick aired it in an hour-long format each week). That means 28 half-hours remain from this season’s 40 episode order. (There is also supposed to be a 90-minute TV movie this season as well.)

In a completely unannounced move, TeenNick did air all of this season’s episodes this past Monday and Tuesday night from 8-11pm ET, but they will be airing all 12 half-hours again this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 3-6pm ET each day. So, if you’ve missed anything from this season, now’s the time to catch-up.

New episodes will then start next Monday, February 25 at 8:30pm ET (5:30pm PT) with same-night encores at 11:30pm ET (8:30 PT). New episodes will air each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night – totaling 4 half-hours each week.

Anubis follows Nick@Nite’s short-lived attempt at a telenovela style drama each night with Hollywood Heights last summer. After a few weeks, they shipped the remainder of the episodes over to TeenNick for premieres and it was canceled afterwards.

Nickelodeon has also done the same with many different animated series never completing their runs on Nickelodeon and thusly being shipped over to Nicktoons (the channel) or just plain never airing.