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News Bits: Nicktoons Pulls “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Launch, Schedules “Alien Dawn” Premiere; Vortexx Changes

Author: Nickandmore!


Late last week, TV schedules updated to show that Nicktoons was not airing Yu-Gi-Oh! this week, as they had announced and promoted previously. On-air promos were gone by late last week, but the show page on continued to say “Premieres January 14 at 9pm ET” up until this morning. The page has since been updated to remove the premiere date; however, it includes no further information on when Yu-Gi-Oh! will officially premiere.

Nicktoons has also announced a February 22 premiere date for their live-action series Alien Dawn. The show will air new episodes on Fridays at 10pm ET.

In other news, Vortexx has made several changes to their line-up starting this week (January 19). A second Sonic X will replace Power Rangers Lost Galaxy at 8:30am, which is now off the schedule completely. Vortexx has also swapped WWE Saturday Morning Slam and Dragon Ball Z Kai in the 10am hour, with Kai airing first now. Lastly, the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series will return after two weeks off, airing at 11am before ZEXAL.