Season Three of “House of Anubis” Premieres Tonight on Nickelodeon

Author: Nickandmore!

House of Anubis

Nickelodeon’s live-action mystery series House of Anubis returns for its third year, starting tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT with hour-long episodes airing weekly at the same time.

Among the various cast changes this season, the episode format is going from intended 11-minute installments (though Nick combined two episodes to make half-hour episodes for seasons one and two) to half-hour episodes which Nick is combining two of to make a whole hour. Confused? Don’t worry too much about the specifics; just know that 40 half-hours are in this season and if they continue to air two of them weekly, it’ll take 20 weeks to complete.

In tonight’s hour-long premiere…

House of Arrivals” – Fabian’s devastated that Nina isn’t coming back to Anubis. Eddie’s shocked when he recognizes new girl, KT, from a vision. He knows she’s here on a secret quest. A new teacher moves into the gatehouse.

House of Presents” – Victor’s furious when a parcel he’s expecting goes missing. He doesn’t realize it’s ended up in Amber’s pile of birthday presents. Eddie demands that KT come clean about why she’s really here.

Check out these cast pics from the new season: