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TeenNick Updates: “Life With Boys” Premieres December 28; ’90s Are All That Marathons

Author: Nickandmore!

TeenNick’s schedule through December 31 has been posted over on our host site, toonzone’s schedule section. The changes include the United States premiere of Life With Boys (a Canadian sitcom that Nick acquired earlier this year) airing Friday, December 28 at 9 p.m. ET.

Also, The ‘90s Are All That changes over to marathon mode next week (Dec. 26-30) with two hours (and then a repeat of those two hours) of Rugrats on Monday and Friday, Hey Arnold! on Tuesday, Doug on Wednesday, All That on Thursday (with a TeenNick premiere at midnight), Kenan & Kel on Saturday and Clarissa Explains It All on Sunday.

The following week (12/31-1/6), TeenNick will air a marathon of Rugrats each night from 12-2 a.m. (repeated from 2-4 a.m.). Episodes will start from the beginning and run in order all week. No clue if this will continue into January.