Boomerang Airing Two New Episodes of “Ben 10: Omniverse” Before Cartoon Network

Author: Nickandmore!

Ben 10: Omniverse

Boomerang, Cartoon Network’s spin-off, commercial-free network originally intended for older cartoons, but now includes a mix of more recent shows, is airing two new episodes of Ben 10: Omniverse before the flagship Cartoon Network does.

The first of which aired today at 1pm ET was “Many Happy Returns.” It will repeat again tomorrow at 1:30pm ET (also on Boomerang). It’s scheduled to ‘premiere’ on Cartoon Network on Saturday, December 1.

The same pattern will occur again next week, as Boomerang will premiere “Gone Fishin?” on Saturday at 1pm (repeating Sunday at 1:30pm ET).

On these same days, Cartoon Network is also airing new Ben 10 episodes. “Of Predators and Prey, Part 2” aired today and “Outbreak” is scheduled for next Saturday.

I do believe this is a first – for Boomerang to air a new episode before Cartoon Network does. I know a couple shows have aired “new-to-the-US” episodes on Boomerang before (Duck Dodgers, for one) but those were not active/marquee shows like this.