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Disney Channel Ratings Highlights for “Monstober” 2012

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via Disney Channel press release:

Ratings Highlights for October 2012
Final National Ratings

‘Monstober’ Event Programming Powers Disney Channel to
TV’s #1 Total Day Ranking for Record-Setting 18th Consecutive
Month in Kids 6-11, 30th in Tweens 9-14 and 5th in Kids 2-11
~Closes out October 2012 as the #1 TV Network for 72 Straight Weeks in Kids 6-11/Tweens
~Tops Nickelodeon by Double Digits for 16th Straight Month in Kids 6-11/Tweens
~#1 TV Network in Kids 2-11 for the 8th Time in Previous 9 Months

Disney Channel Original Movie “Girl Vs. Monster” and “Dog With A Blog”
Rank as the Month’s #2 TV Telecasts in Kids 2-11 and Kids 6-11; “Good Luck Charlie” is TV’s #1 Series in Kids 2-11; “Austin & Ally” #1 in Kids 6-11/Tweens
~Delivers Top 4 TV Telecasts in Kids 2-11, Top 10 in Kids 6-11 and Top 5 in Tweens

Disney Channel October 12 Total Day and Prime Highlights

During October 2012, Disney Channel ranked as the #1 TV network in Total Day for the 5th straight month in Kids 2-11 (846,000/2.1 rating – dates back to June 2012), the 18th consecutive month in Kids 6-11 (560,000/2.4 rating – dates back to May 2011) and 30th month in a row Tweens (468,000/1.9 rating – dates back to May 2010) – all records for the network – bolstered by Disney Channel Original Movie “Girl Vs. Monster” and launch of newest comedy series “Dog With A Blog.” Furthermore, on a weekly basis Disney Channel extended its record-#1-streak to 72 consecutive weeks in Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14.

Disney Channel out-performed Nickelodeon by double-digit percent margins in Kids 6-11 (31% – 560,000 vs. 428,000) and Tweens 9-14 (47% – 468,000 vs. 319,000), representing the network’s 16th straight month winning by such large margins in the demos.

In Prime, Disney Channel extended its streak as TV’s #1 network to 93 consecutive months in Kids 6-11 (1.02 million/4.3 rating) and to 88 months in a row in Tweens 9-14 (879,000/3.7 rating).

  • “Good Luck Charlie” stood as the #1 TV series in Kids 2-11 (2.34 million/5.9 rating), surpassing Nickelodeon’s #1 live-action series for the month, “iCarly,” by a solid 33% (vs. 1.76 million/4.4 rating), while “Austin & Ally” was the #1 TV series in Kids 6-11 (1.88 million/8.0 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.73 million/7.3 rating), out-delivering #1 series on Nickelodeon, “iCarly,” by 45% (vs. 1.30 million/5.5 rating) and “Victorious” by 30% (vs. 1.33 million/5.6 rating), respectively.
  • Disney Channel aired the month’s Top 4 TV telecasts in Kids 2-11, and 10 of the 11 overall:

  • Disney Channel delivered the month’s Top 10 TV telecasts in Kids 6-11:

  • Disney Channel held the month’s Top 5 TV telecasts in Tweens 9-14, and 8 of the Top 9 overall:

Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, most current. October 2012: 10/1/12-10/28/12; October 2011: 9/26/11-10/30/11. Total Day rank streaks include ties based on rating; Series ranks based on trackage data with minimum 2 telecasts, sorted by 000s, then rating; % differences based on 000s.