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Be Advised: “Frankenstorm” Causing Schedule Changes

Author: Nickandmore!

As is to be expected – when kids are out of school (for whatever reason) the kid-networks are going to be interested in getting their attention. They’ve done so in the past with large-area snow storms and are doing so with the current eastern-US hurricane/snowstorm dubbed “frankenstorm.”

Nickelodeon has already made changes today and will likely do so tomorrow. Today included having more SpongeBob (surprise!) and Fairly OddParents and Monster High movies. Tomorrow is still unknown. Check for updates.

Disney Channel will pre-empt preschool programming both Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 10am. Each day will include a mix of movies and Halloween specials replacing the normal schedule.

Disney XD will have extra helpings of their sitcoms tomorrow but no changes for Wednesday so far.

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