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Nicktoons and TeenNick’s Schedule Changes for September

Author: Nickandmore!

Planet Sheen

Two of Nickelodeon’s digital networks, Nicktoons and TeenNick, will be making schedule changes starting next week for the new fall season.

Nicktoons’ premieres will all be changing timeslots. Wild Grinders, Planet Sheen and network premieres of Dragon Ball GT will now air Fridays from 9-10:30pm (with repeats from midnight to 1:30am). Huntik: Secrets & Seekers will move its network premieres to Sundays from 9-10pm.

Nicktoons other schedule changes include a few changes to the weekday 2-8pm marathon blocks. Monday remains Planet Sheen from 2-5 and Avatar Extras from 5-8. Tuesday now starts with Dragon Ball Z Kai (replacing Dragon Ball GT) and continues with Power Rangers Time Force, which joins the schedule for the first time since its Mega Morphenomenon in August. Wednesday remains Dino Thunder and Jungle Fury. Thursday is still Jungle Fury and Dragon Ball GT and Friday also remains Avatar Extras and Planet Sheen.

Primetime receives a few changes as well. Huntik leaves the daily schedule (airing just on Sundays now) and Fairly OddParents fills its 8pm and 11pm timeslots. OddParents also still airs at 8:30 and 11:30pm. Planet Sheen moves up to the 9pm hour and Avatar returns to weeknights in the 10pm hour. Robot and Monster will also still air Thursdays at 10pm only.

Overnights see changes as well. Avatar will air in the 1am hour, followed by Dragon Ball Z Kai at 2am, Iron Man: Armored Adventures at 2:30am, Voltron Force at 3am and Invader ZIM at 3:30am. The 3-6am blocks are now reduced to 4-6am. With that, the only change is to Tuesdays, with Back at the Barnyard replacing Voltron Force (which as mentioned is now at 3am each night).

Weekends get a facelift too. Saturdays at noon is single episodes of Wild Grinders, Planet Sheen, Dragon Ball GT and Monsuno. Then at 2pm are different movies and specials each week for two hours, with a repeat on Sunday at noon. From 4-6pm are four episodes of El Tigre, returning to the daylight hours for the first time in more than a year. Then from 6-8pm are four episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar, also returning to Nicktoons schedule. The first episode will be Nicktoons premieres from season two followed by three episodes from the first season. Fanboy & Chum Chum will air in the 8pm hour followed by an hour of The Legend of Korra at 9pm. Wild Grinders and Planet Sheen air a single episode each from 10-11pm.

Sundays add Dragon Ball GT at 9am (with Monsuno still at 9:30 and Huntik repeats in the 10am hour). Power Rangers Time Force will air in the 11am hour. The aforementioned movies/specials from Saturday repeat at noon. Monsuno then follows for two hours of 2pm, followed by two hours of Supah Ninjas and Wild Grinders. Like Saturday, Fanboy & Chum Chum airs in the 8pm hour followed by Huntik premieres in the 9pm hour.

Weekend overnights add Legend of Korra repeats in the 1am hour. Following that is DBZ Kai, Iron Man, Voltron and ZIM from 2-4am, like weekdays. ZIM will continue to air at 4am with another episode at 4:30, replacing Tak and the Power of Juju.

The rest of the schedule, not mentioned above, remains the same as it is now.

Moving on to TeenNick, the only change they are making is removing Full House from the lineup and replacing it with Zoey 101 from 6-7am and Degrassi from 5-6am every day. That’s it.

Both Nicktoons and TeenNick’s show times are Eastern.