Nickelodeon Picks Up Two “iCarly,” “VICTORiOUS” Spin-Off Pilots Created by Dan Schneider

Author: Nickandmore!

Jennette McCurdy has the scoop on Dan Schneider’s new pilots at Nickelodeon – both are spinoffs of iCarly!

Sam and Cat would star Jennette McCurdy (as Sam Puckett) and Ariana Grande (as Cat Valentine from VICTORiOUS) moving in together and starting a babysitting service to fund their adventures.

Gibby, starring Noah Munck as the title character, gets a job at a local recreational center and ends up as a mentor to four offbeat middle-school students.

Dan (or DanWarp by his online username) created both iCarly and VICTORiOUS.

Both are pilot orders and are expected to be produced this summer. Pilots are not official series pickups, but given Dan’s track record at the network and the fact these two new shows are spinoffs of the still popular iCarly and feature likeable and popular characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if the network picks them both up.

iCarly has already been announced to end this year. VICTORiOUS has finished production on its third season and will have 60 total episodes once all have aired. It’s unclear how Cat’s character leaving the show would be handled if VICTORiOUS were to be renewed AND the new Sam and Cat picked up to series.