The ’90s Are All That – One Year Later

Author: Nickandmore!

One year ago today (Monday, July 25, 2011) Nickelodeon launched The ‘90s Are All That programming block on TeenNick.

One year later, the block remains pretty much unchanged. Same timeslot: 12-2am ET with an immediate repeat of the same shows from 2-4am ET. Same promos, bumps, etc. And pretty much the same programming.

Sure, one main thing is different – the addition of weekends, which started last October. The only thing not the same though is Clarissa Explains It All doesn’t air anymore, while Rugrats and Hey Arnold! now do.

Overall, I think the programming block, meant to be a place for twentysomethings to relive their youth, is sadly not where it could be.

Nickelodeon has such a large programming vault (as do the other networks, but lets leave the attention on Nick here), yet they’ve used so little of it in the past year on TeenNick.

Sure, they brought back Stick Stickly, a much dirtier version of him, but even that was short-lived (he hasn’t appeared since March). The Upick-themed Fridays with Stick also ended not long after it started.

Sure, they have given us some nice clips from ’90s Nick (like SNICK, KCAs, “Alex Mack Wears A Hat,” etc.) but that’s not a regular thing.

Overall, the block seems to lack any spark or energy. No momentum. No changes. Ever. Seriously, the schedule hasn’t changed a bit since December.

With such a large ‘90s library Nick has, even acquired content that is ‘90s born, it just sits and goes to waste.

So, one year later – what do you think of The ‘90s Are All That block now? Vote below:

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