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Disney Channel’s “Gravity Falls” Premieres With Three Episodes This Weekend

Author: Nickandmore!

Disney Channel’s newest original animated series Gravity Falls makes its official debut this Friday. The network will be airing three episodes over the weekend.

First on Friday at 9:00pm ET/PT is an encore of the preview episode that aired on June 15. In the pilot “Tourist Trapped,” young twins Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend their summer break with their Great Uncle Stan, aka Grunkle Stan, in the remote town of Gravity Falls. Dipper soon finds his sister’s new crush suspiciously odd, which causes Dipper and Mabel to come face-to-face with the town’s strange and uncanny secrets. Dipper also finds a mysterious journal that hints to an even greater cover-up hidden within the town’s wondrous past…and present.

Immediately following that episode on Friday at 9:30pm ET/PT will be another new episode “The Legend of Gobblewonker.” When Dipper and Mabel hear rumors that a sea monster lives at the bottom of the local lake, they enlist Soos to take them on a boating expedition to prove it really does exist.

The third episode will then premiere the following night, Saturday, June 30 at 9:25pm ET/PT after the “Let It Shine – Rap Battle Edition” premiere. In the episode “Head Hunters,” when someone tampers with Mabel’s life-size wax statue, she and Dipper set out to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Grunkle Stan mourns over the loss of his wax doppelganger. Larry King and Coolio guest star as wax versions of themselves.

All three episodes will then repeat on Sunday, July 1 from 9-10:30pm ET/PT after new episodes of Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up.

Make sure to tune in for this hilarious new Disney Channel Original Series. After the preview on June 15, it’s obvious this show has the makings of a great series that’s certainly different from what Disney Channel has done before.

[Episode descriptions via Disney Channel press materials.]