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“The Brady Bunch” Returns to Nick at Nite!

Author: Nickandmore!

The Brady Bunch

Here’s a shocker – the classic ‘70s sitcom The Brady Bunch is returning to Nick at Nite on Monday!

The 117-episode series will start from the beginning and air every night in the 5:00AM ET/PT hour. Two episodes air Monday-Saturday with one episode on Sunday. Nick at Nite runs “off the clock” from 11PM-6AM, so the start and end times for the episodes will be off some.

The Brady Bunch originally aired on Nick at Nite on February 12, 1995 for one week only. It then began airing full-time in June 1998 until its last airing on February 2, 2003.

With Brady Bunch re-joining the line-up, Family Matters is leaving. When/if it returns is unknown right now. Family Matters has been airing non-stop since July 2008.