Nicktoons Schedules “Super Hero Superthon” This Sunday

Author: Nickandmore!

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Likely intended to benefit from Disney/Marvel’s The Avengers film, which is a huge mega-hit in theaters right now, Nicktoons has scheduled a five-hour Marvel superhero-themed marathon for this Sunday, called simply the “Super Hero Superthon.” The marathon features episodes of Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and Wolverine and the X-Men.

On-air promos feature The Avengers movie characters by name, like Iron Man, Hulk, Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Unrelated to the marathon, Iron Man: Armored Adventures returns with new episodes starting Wednesday, June 6 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

This Sunday’s marathon runs from 2-7 p.m. ET, following is the full schedule with episode descriptions:

2:00PM Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – “Hard Knocks”
When an old friend of Reed’s shows up looking for help, the Fantastic Four are in for the fight of their lives! His name is Bruce Banner, and he has a terrible secret – he’s the Incredible Hulk. And when Banner Hulks out and goes on a rampage through New York City, it’s up to the FF to stop him. Can they protect New York from the Hulk? Can they protect the Hulk from the group that’s hunting him? Most important of all, has Ben Grimm finally met his match?

2:30PM Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – “Shell Games”
When the Fantastic Four are attacked by several suits of IRON MAN armor, they go looking for the inventor of the armor… TONY STARK. But Stark is just as surprised as the FF are about the attack… until he finds out the suits of armor were taken by DOCTOR DOOM! But before the FF can stop him, Stark goes after Doom on his own. Now the FF have to deal with Doctor Doom in a suit of enhanced ‘Iron Doom’ armor as well as the true Iron Man himself… now under Doom’s control!

3:00PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “Fun With Lasers”
The Living Laser is back and more dangerous than ever. He’s increased his power, taken control of a space station, and has the world in his grasp. So he demands that Iron Man come fight him. Iron Man fully intends to do so, until he’s stopped by Nick Fury and Shield, an international military operation. But Iron Man isn’t sure who’s more dangerous because even if the Laser doesn’t take Iron Man out, Nick Fury just might.

3:30PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “Panther’s Prey”
Iron Man is tracking an international thief named Moses Magnum right to AIM’s secret headquarters, but the Black Panther is after Magnum as well. Magnum stole something that belongs to the Panther, and the Panther aims to get it back, even if he has to go through Iron Man to do it.

4:00PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “Line of Fire”
Investigating the reason behind Black Panther’s attacks on Hammer Multinational, Tony uncovers the dark reality of Stark International’s involvement in an escalating civil war!

4:30PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “Uncontrollable”
The Hulk has just landed in New York, and Pepper and Rhodey see that he’s after someone… a kid named Rick Jones. Trouble is, Rick is being controlled… by the Controller! He’s using Rick to manipulate the Hulk. The Controller wants revenge against AIM, and the Hulk is just the weapon to give it to him. When Iron Man arrives, he’s able to free Rick, but at a great cost. The Controller now has Iron Man under his command, and it’s up to Pepper and Rhodey to free him… with a little help from their Incredible new friend.

5:00PM Wolverine and the X-Men – “Wolverine vs. the Hulk”
When the Hulk is spotted in a destructive rampage in the Canadian wilderness, Nick Fury, director of the organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D., blackmails Wolverine into taking the savage monster down. But as Wolverine confronts the Hulk, he begins to realize all is not as it seems — there is more than one monster on the loose in the wild. And as if a full-on flight with the Incredible Hulk wasn’t bad enough, Wolverine has to deal with a pack of the firece Wendigo.

5:30PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “The Hawk and the Spider”
Iron Man has a hard time stopping thieves Hawkeye and Black Widow from stealing Stark International’s UI chip, and an even harder time when Titanium Man steals it from them!

6:00PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “Fugitive of Shield”
Nick Fury seeks Iron Man’s help when top-secret plans are stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D., but crafty Black Widow set up Iron Man and forces him to turn against Fury’s organization!

6:30PM Iron Man: Armored Adventures – “Extremis”
When Agent Mallen is fired from S.H.I.E.L.D., he takes the super-serum “Extremis” and mutates into a powerful maniac bent on revenge. Can Iron Man stop this powerful foe?