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New Series on Nicktoons and TeenNick in 2012

Author: Nickandmore!

Nicktoons and TeenNick have both began running promos for new shows coming in 2012. Most of Nicktoons’ new series we’ve known about. But TeenNick has two new shows coming that haven’t been announced before.

First off, Nicktoons is bringing the final Dragon Ball anime series Dragon Ball GT to their network starting Monday, January 16 at 7pm ET.

Another Disney season of Power Rangers also arrives on Nicktoons, as Power Rangers Dino Thunder starts Friday, January 6 in another 48 hour “Morphenomenon” marathon. If it follows the pattern that Jungle Fury did in November, it’ll likely join the regular line-up after the marathon.

As we learned back in July, Nicktoons picked up Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders series (both the shorts and a 26-episode series). The shorts will begin airing in January, according to “Nicktoons Goes In Scene” promos running on the network. However, back on Monday, September 26 at 6am ET, in an unannounced/un-advertised move, Nicktoons did air the first 30-minute episode of the series “Going Hollyweird / Deconstructed” possibly as a “hidden sneak peek” of sorts?

As we also found out back in July, Nicktoons picked up Monsuno for 52 episodes. The show has been promoted in “Nicktoons Goes In Scene” promos as starting in February.

TeenNick however, has some surprises of their own. While we all know Degrassi is coming back (2012 will mark 10 years of the show airing in the U.S.), they also have two new series and new episodes of H2O: Just Add Water on tap.

In a recent promo to start running for TeenNick in 2012, the two new series coming are The Wonder Girls and the 2010 Australian series Dance Academy. Premiere dates for both are unknown.

H2O: Just Add Water, also an Australian series, is coming back to TeenNick – finally with never before seen in America episodes! Nickelodeon aired 39 episodes of the series from 2008-09, and TeenNick has also aired those same episodes. Starting Friday, January 13, TeenNick will be airing all of season one (26 episodes) and all of season two (13 episodes that have already aired, plus 13 episodes not seen in the US) over the course of four days (Friday-Monday from 1-8pm ET). The “new to America” episodes will start Sunday, January 15 at 7:30pm with episode 40. Then episodes 41-52 will premiere Monday, January 16 from 1:30-7:30pm ET. Finally after all that, season three will premiere at 7:30pm ET. Season three episodes are likely to run each weeknight, but that schedule information is currently unknown.

Stay tuned for more information on each series, including the premiere dates for those unknown.