Nicktoons Airing “Dragon Ball Z” Movies in September

Author: Nickandmore!

Nicktoons has been airing Dragon Ball Z Kai, a revised version of the original Dragon Ball Z anime series, since May 2010. Now, Nicktoons is giving fans even more: the original Dragon Ball Z movies! Starting September 7, Dragon Ball Z movies will air each Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm ET. These are the movies currently scheduled to air though September:

Updated 9/10/11: For some reason, the movies have been pushed back one week. The updated schedule follows:

Wednesday, September 14 – Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
Thursday, September 15 – Fusion Reborn
Wednesday, September 21 – Broly: Second Coming
Thursday, September 22 – Wrath of the Dragon
Wednesday, September 28 – Super Android 13
Thursday, September 29 – Bojack Unbound
Wednesday, October 5 – Cooler’s Revenge
Thursday, October 6 – Return of Cooler

Each movie premieres at 8pm ET with same-night encores at 11pm ET and 2am ET. The schedule is always subject to change.