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“Tai Chi Chasers” Joins The CW4Kids on September 17

Author: Nickandmore!

The Korean animated action-adventure series Tai Chi Chasers joins The CW4Kids Toonzai on Saturday, September 17 at 11am ET/PT (check local listings as show times can be different).

Descriptions for the first two episodes and a video promo follow:

Saturday, September 17 at 11am ET/PT
#101 “An Amazing Discovery”
The ordinary young boy, Rai, one day finds himself under the Dragonoid Warrior, Luka’s attack. Rai’s mother, trying to protect Rai from Luka, starts to dispute against Luka when somehow, she disappears into the smoke along with the explosion. Rai is overcome with rage, and in that instant, the taichi character card, Fire HWA is activated in response to his fiery rage. Originally a Tigeroid, Rai instinctively takes the fire pillar that appears along with the activation of the Fire HWA character, and launches a powerful attack against the Dragonoid warrior, Luka…

Saturday, September 24 at 11am ET/PT
#102 “The Chase Begins”
Rai is brought to the Tiger Airship by members of the Taichi Chasers, where he meets Komorka. Rai learns from Komorka about the Taichi 1000 characters and the story behind the Tigeroids and Dragonoids, at the end of which he discovers that he is a descendant of a Tigeroid. Rai is overcome with emotion upon discovering this, and leaves the Tiger airship and returns to the site of his burnt down home. Rai is holding onto a half-burnt photo of his family in tears when Luka appears before him. Rai, unable to control his rage, attacks Luka and…