“The Penguins of Madagascar” Week of Premieres from June 13 – 17 on Nickelodeon

Author: Nickandmore!

The Penguins of Madagascar is back with new episodes on Nickelodeon. Starting next Monday, Nick will air five new 11-minute episodes at 6pm ET/PT from Monday to Friday. Below are descriptions for each new episode:

Monday, June 13 at 6pm ET/PT
Operation: Neighbor Swap” – That’ it! The penguins have had enough of the crazy lemurs’ 24 hour parting! They hack into the zoo habitat schematic and successfully transfer the lemurs to the petting zoo. Finally, peace is achieved; but at what cost?

Tuesday, June 14 at 6pm ET/PT
All Tied Up With A Boa” – The zoo animals are in a panic when word reaches them that Savio the boa constrictor has escaped from the Hoboken Zoo and is heading to them bent on revenge. They do their best to set up an impenetrable perimeter, but the sinister snake breaks through easily and captures them all– except King Julien.

Wednesday, June 15 at 6pm ET/PT
Rock-A-Bye Birdie” – An accidental zap from the Fresherizer ray turns Skipper into a baby. The gun tumbles into the sewer, and Kowalski, Rico, and Private leave baby Skipper in Julien’s care while they go on a recovery mission. When they are captured by the Rat King, baby Skipper must escape from babysitter Julien in order to help them.

Thursday, June 16 at 6pm ET/PT
Herring Impaired” – The penguins journey to the bottom of the Atlantic for 100 year-old preserved herring. Skipper, Private and Kowalski quickly chow down on the feast before Rico claims his share. But when the others contract a food born psychotic illness, it’s up to Rico to keep the rest of the unit from devouring any more herring.

Friday, June 17 at 6pm ET/PT
A Visit From Uncle Nigel” – Private’s quirky Uncle Nigel pops in for a quick visit from across the pond and it isn’t long until he over stays his welcome. When Uncle Nigel admits he’s a secret agent after the elusive Red Squirrel, Private joins the other penguins in thinking his Uncle isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.