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“Johnny Test” Marathon on Cartoon Network This Weekend; New Episodes Return Monday

Author: Nickandmore!

Cartoon Network celebrates the return of Johnny Test for season five with a weekend-long marathon on Saturday from 10:30am-7pm and Sunday from 10:30am-6pm. New episodes start Monday at 7pm ET/PT. Below is a run-down of this weekend’s episodes and a description for the new episode on Monday:

Saturday, June 11
10:30AM Li’l Johnny / Johnny’s Extreme Game Controller
11:00AM Johnny & The Amazing Turbo Action Backpack / Deep Sea Johnny
11:30AM 101 Johnnies / Downhill Johnny
12:00PM Johnny’s Pet Day / Johnny Mint Chip
12:30PM Princess Johnny / 99 Deeds of Johnny Test
1:00PM Runaway Johnny / Johnny on the Spot
1:30PM Johnny Dukey Doo / Return of Johnny’mon
2:00PM Johnny Cart Racing / Johnny Smells Good
2:30PM Johnny Boat Racing / Johnny Lock Down
3:00PM X-Ray Johnny / Destruction of Johnny
3:30PM Here Johnny, Here Boy / Coming to a Johnny Near You
4:00PM Johnny Long Legs / Johnny’s Monkey Business
4:30PM Sonic Johnny / Dog Days of Johnny
5:00PM Johnny Impossible / Johnny’s Pink Plague
5:30PM My JohnnyGuard / Tom & Johnny
6:00PM Papa Johnny / Johnnyminster Dog Show
6:30PM Dukey Jeckyll & Johnny Hyde / Johnny’s Trophy Case

Sunday, June 12
10:30AM Johnny’s Amazing Race / Johnny Test in 3D
11:00AM Sunshine Malibu Johnny / Johnnycicle
11:30AM Johnny and the Ice Pigs / Johnny Gets Mooned
12:00PM Johnny Dodgeball / Johnny’s Big Snow Job
12:30PM Johnny’s Turbo Toy Force / Hoist the Johnny Roger
1:00PM JTV / Enchanted Land of Johnnia
1:30PM Johnny Johnny / Johnny Double Coupons
2:00PM Guess Who’s Coming to Johnny’s for Dinner / Johnny’s New BFF
2:30PM Johnny Escapes from Bling Bling Island / Johnny vs. Bling-Bling 3
3:00PM Coming to a Johnny Near You / Johnny Applesauce
3:30PM Johnny the Kid / Johnny Zombie Tea Party
4:00PM Johnny Bee Good / Good Bad & The Johnny
4:30PM Johnny vs. Bling Bling IV / Johnny’s Big Sister Smackdown
5:00PM iJohnny / Johnny vs. The Mummy
5:30PM Johnny’s Royal Flush / Johnny Test’s Day Off

Monday, June 13
7:00PM Johnny Daddy Day (NEW)Johnny, the twins and Mom realize it’s Father’s Day, and they don’t have a gift. They try many disastrous attempts, making Dad wish they had never remembered! / Johnny Goes Nuts (NEW)Johnny is finally old enough to participate in Porkbelly’s Annual Running of the Squirrels, but he has to get past his mom, who thinks it’s too dangerous.