Saturday 4/23 Cable Ratings: iCarly, Supah Ninjas and Big Time Rush

Author: Nickandmore!

Thanks to Son of the Bronx, we have Nickelodeon’s primetime cable ratings from last Saturday, April 23. We rarely ever see detailed Saturday ratings (unless they are in a press release), so this is quite nice. The only show that was new on the night was Supah Ninjas (which had the highest K2-11 demo on Nick for the night and highest M12-17 demo rating on all of cable). Full results follow, once again via Son of the Bronx:

iCarly (NICK, 8:00pm)
1.8 HH, Viewers: 2.945 million, 0.6 A18-49, 1.1 F12-34, 2.0 T12-17, 3.5 K2-11
* Highest F12-34 rated program in cable primetime

Supah Ninjas (NICK, 8:30pm) – NEW
1.7 HH, Viewers: 2.872 million, 0.5 A18-49, 1.9 T12-17, 2.4 M12-17, 3.9 K2-11
* Highest M12-17 rated program in cable primetime

Big Time Rush (NICK, 9:00pm)
1.6 HH, Viewers: 2.558 million, 0.4 A18-49, 1.7 T12-17, 3.5 K2-11

iCarly (NICK, 9:30pm)
1.5 HH, Viewers: 2.624 million, 0.4 A18-49, 1.9 T12-17, 3.4 K2-11