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Disney Junior Posts All-Time April Highs for Disney Channel

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via Disney Junior press release:

Ratings Highlights for April 2011 and Launch To Date
Final National Ratings

Disney Junior Posts All-Time April Highs for Disney Channel

~Delivers Double-Digit Percent Increases Over Year Ago Levels
~More Than Doubles Nick Jr. Head to Head in Kids 2-5

“Jake and the Never Land Pirates” is TV’s No. 1 Series With Preschoolers

~Pacing as Disney Channel’s No. 1 Preschool Series of All Time
~1 Series Among Boys 2-5 for the 3rd Month
~Accounts for All of TV’s Top 5 Preschool Telecasts in April with Boys
~Most Co-Viewed Preschooler Series – 49% of Moms Watch with Their Kids

Disney Junior: April 2011 Highlights:

During April 2011, Disney Junior set new April highs for Disney Channel’s preschooler daypart in Total Viewers (1.2 million), Kids 2-5 (423,000/2.5 rating), Boys 2-5 (234,000/2.7 rating), Girls 2-5 (190,000/2.3 rating) and Women 18-49 (233,000/0.4 rating), exceeding year-ago levels by hefty margins among preschool demographics.

  • Year to year, Disney Junior surged over April 2010 levels across the board: +32% in Kids 2-5 (423,000 vs. 321,000), +43% in Boys 2-5 (234,000 vs. 164,000), +21% in Girls 2-5 (190,000 vs. 157,000) and +5% in Women 18-49 (233,000 vs. 221,000).
  • Disney Junior’s double-digit percent gains far exceeded Nick Jr.’s year to year increases in the daypart: +4% in Kids 2-5 and Boys 2-5; +5% in Girls 2-5.
  • Competitively, Disney Junior more than doubled Nick Jr. head to head among Kids 2-5 (115% – 423,000 vs. 197,000), nearly tripled in Boys 2-5 (172% – 234,000 vs. 86,000) and held a wide margin of victory in Girls 2-5 (71% – 190,000 vs. 111,000).

“Jake and the Never Land Pirates” April 11 and Launch-to-Date Highlights:

The No. 1 TV series since its February 14 launch, Jake and the Never Land Piratesranked as the month’s No. 1 TV series among Kids 2-5 (834,000/5.0 rating) and Boys 2-5 (455,000/5.3 rating), marking its 3rd consecutive month at No. 1 among Boys 2-5, with the series accounting for the Top 5 preschool TV telecasts in the demo.

“Jake and the Never Land Pirates” is the most co-viewed series among all Disney Junior and Nickelodeon preschool block series, with 49% of Moms watching with their preschooler.

  • In fact, along with “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Handy Manny” and additional telecasts of “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” Disney Channel held 9 of TV’s Top 10 preschool TV telecasts for the month among Boys 2-5.

M2-5 for April 2011

  • On Saturday, April 9, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” delivered its No. 2 telecast of all time in Total Viewers (2.92 million), Kids 2-5 (1.15 million/6.8 rating) and Women 18-49 (632,000/1.0 rating), and its No. 1 telecast ever among broader demos Kids 2-8 (1.59 million/5.5 rating) and Boys 2-8 (886,000/6.0 rating).
  • Launch to date, Jake and the Never Land Piratesis TV’s No. 1 series among Kids 2-5 (858,000/5.1 rating) and Boys 2-5 (507,000/5.9 rating), and is Disney Channel’s No. 1 preschool series of all time through its first 17 episodes in Total Viewers (2.3 million), Kids 2-5, Boys 2-5 and Women 18-49.

About Disney Junior:
The new Disney Junior programming block on Disney Channel reflects the emotional connection generations of consumers have to Disney storytelling and Disney characters, both classic and contemporary. It invites mom and dad to join their child in the Disney experience of magical, musical and heartfelt stories and characters, while incorporating specific learning and development themes designed for kids age 2-7. Disney Junior’s animated and live action series blend Disney’s unparalleled storytelling and characters kids love deeply with learning, including early math, language skills, healthy eating and lifestyles, and social skills.  Disney Junior is available on basic cable in more than 99 million U.S. homes (via a daily block on Disney Channel) and to millions of other viewers on 25 Disney Junior channels (fka Playhouse Disney channels) and free-to-air broadcast partners around the world. It is also seen via subscription video-on-demand and a broadband website, In 2012 Disney Junior will add a basic cable and satellite channel in the U.S.

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