Boomerang Celebrates Earth Day with 12-Hour “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” Marathon

Author: Nickandmore!

via Boomerang press release:

Boomerang Celebrates Earth Day with 12-Hour Captain Planet and the Planeteers Marathon

Captain Planet Foundation Selects 24 Episodes of Groundbreaking Series to Air Friday, April 22, 2011 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Based on an idea from environmental activist and media mogul Ted Turner, Captain Planet and the Planeteers has educated youth and adults alike about environmental issues and ways to help the planet since its debut in 1990. In observance of Earth Day, Boomerang, Turner Broadcasting System’s commercial-free home of classic animation, called upon the Captain Planet Foundation to hand-pick 24 episodes to be presented in a 12-hour Captain Planet marathon on Friday, April 22. The Earth Day celebration will begin at 8 a.m. (ET) with the pilot episode of the series, “A Hero for Earth.”

Additionally, should viewers wish to enjoy more of the original 72 half-hour episodes created for the series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers airs each day of the week, Monday-Sunday on Boomerang at 6 a.m.

Captain Planet follows the adventures of five young Planeteers from five different continents as they fight to save our planet from a variety of polluting perpetrators. Using magic rings given to them by Gaia, the spirit of the earth, these five teenagers (Kwami, Wheeler, Linka, Gi and Ma-Ti) each possess supernatural powers-Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart-that when combined summon Captain Planet to prevent environmental disasters and save the world.

“Captain Planet is an exciting, adventure-filled series that shows children how important our planet is and that we need to take care of it,” says Stacy Isenhower, senior vice president of programming and scheduling for Cartoon Network and Boomerang. “Showing a full-day marathon of Captain Planet to celebrate Earth Day is our way of supporting the cause through great storytelling.”

Highlights of the Captain Planet marathon include:

  • “A Hero For Earth” – 8 a.m.: The Spirit of Earth, Gaia, is woken from a century-long sleep to discover that Earth is dying because of humans’ carelessness in deforestation, pollution and over-hunting. She sends a quintet of rings out to five youths around the world as newly-appointed Planeteers. When they combine their new individual powers they are able to summon Captain Planet.
  • “Mission to Save Earth” – 10-11 a.m.: In this one-hour special, villains Looten Plunder, Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm, Duke Nukem, and Sly Sludge team up to defeat the Planeteers by getting powers similar to the ones they have from their rings.
  • “Fare Thee Whale” – 1 p.m.: Looten Plunder leads a whaling operation with Dr. Blight aboard attempting to concoct the perfect poison, and the Planeteers are enraged to see that it is legal for him to kill whales with calves simply because he claims that he is “experimenting with a new whale-repellent.”
  • “Jail House Flock” – 6 p.m.: After Hoggish Greedly sneakily obtains a permit to build houses near wetlands, Captain Planet and the Planeteers are framed and thrown in jail.
  • “Teers in the Hood” – 7 p.m.: The Planeteers try to put an end to a cycle of violence and bring a message of peace after Gi’s friend is almost killed in a gang war.

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Captain Planet and the Planeteers Marathon Scheduled Episodes
8:00AM “A Hero for Earth”
8:30AM “Skumm Lord”
9:00AM “Conqueror”
9:30AM “Smog Hog”
10:00AM “Mission To Save the Earth (1)”
10:30AM “Mission To Save the Earth (2)”
11:00AM “Send In The Clones”
11:30AM “Big Clam Up”
12:00PM “A Twist of Fate”
12:30PM “Fine Print”
1:00PM “Fare Thee Whale”
1:30PM “Hate Canal”
2:00PM “Hog Tide”
2:30PM “Wheeler’s Ark”
3:00PM “Sea No Evil”
3:30PM “Talkin’ Trash”
4:00PM “Gorillas Will Be Missed”
4:30PM “You Bet Your Planet”
5:00PM “Bug Off”
5:30PM “Orangu-Tangle”
6:00PM “Jail House Flock”
6:30PM “Going Bats, Man”
7:00PM “Teers In The Hood”
7:30PM “Ghost of Porkaloin Past”