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Multichannel Looks At Cable Kids Nets Ratings, Sales

Author: Nickandmore!

Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons

Multichannel News has posted a very nice, data filled PDF document breaking down the main kids networks (Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney XD, The Hub, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. and Sprout) with facts on each networks ratings, top programs, AD sales, merchandising, and more. You can view the full PDF document at Multichannel’s site, but here’s a look at the ratings information provided in their document:


Ratings are based on February 2011 data
Key: TD = total day; PT = primetime; DT = daytime (10am-2pm); HH = households
Note: Viewers in millions (i.e. 0.550 = 550,000 viewers)

Network TD HH TD Viewers PT HH PT Viewers DT HH DT Viewers
Cartoon Network 0.30 1.000 0.50 1.500 0.30 0.780
Disney Channel 0.70 1.780 1.06 2.700 0.40 1.280
Disney XD 0.14 0.282 0.15 0.314 0.10 0.269
The Hub 0.04 0.070 0.07 0.105 0.04 0.061
Nickelodeon 0.91 2.340 N/A N/A 0.70 1.900
Nicktoons 0.13 0.198 0.20 0.312 N/A N/A
Nick Jr. 0.32 0.602 0.48 0.915 0.30 0.484
Sprout 0.08 0.100 0.10 0.122 0.11 0.141

Interesting observations from this data: Nick Jr. has more total day household viewing than Cartoon Network. In primetime, Nicktoons beats Disney XD with households and is only slightly lower with viewers. The Hub is currently ranking last in all the categories and networks listed.

Other interesting notes from the PDF about Nicktoons:

  • Power Rangers Samurai averaged a 1.1 kids 6-11 demo rating on Nicktoons for the month of February. That’s quite impressive, seeing as Power Rangers wasn’t even doing that well when airing on the over-the-air ABC Kids block.
  • Nicktoons top programs include Power Rangers Samurai, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Fairly OddParents, Rush Zone and Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Of note too is the fact that SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer generated $1 billion in merchandising sales in 2010 – EACH!