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Disney Junior Launches Monday on Disney Channel

Author: Nickandmore!

Disney Channel will rebrand their preschool programming block, Playhouse Disney, to Disney Junior starting Monday morning.  The launch line-up follows (all times ET/PT):

Monday, February 14
4:00AM Little Einsteins – “Fire Truck Rocket!”
4:25AM Dance-A-Lot Robot – “The Fire Truck Dance”
4:30AM Little Einsteins – “Rocket the Bug”
4:55AM Where is Warehouse Mouse? – “Going Bananas” (NEW)
5:00AM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – “Clarabelle’s Clubhouse Mooo-sical”
5:30AM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – “Mickey and the Enchanted Egg”
5:55AM Choo Choo Soul – “Veggie Dance”
6:00AM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – “Road Rally”
6:50AM Finding Nemo
8:30AM Jake and the Never Land Pirates – “Hide the Hideout! / The Old Shell Game” (NEW)
8:55AM A Poem Is… – “Mice” (NEW)
9:00AM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – “Pluto Lends a Paw” (NEW)
9:25AM Special Agent Oso: Three Healthy Steps – “Jump Rope” (NEW)
9:30AM Handy Manny – “Art Show / The New Time Capsule” (NEW)
9:55AM Mickey’s Mousekercize Shorts – “Follow the Mouse” (NEW)
10:00AM Babar and the Adventures of Badou – “The Key / Grotto For One” (NEW)
10:25AM Never Land Pirate Band – “Never Land Pirate Band” (NEW)
10:30AM Chuggington – “Wilson & the Dinosaur / Quiz Master Hodge” (NEW)
11:00AM Tinga Tinga Tales – “Why Lizard Hides Under Rocks” (NEW)
11:15AM Timmy Time – “Timmy the Postman” (NEW)
11:25AM Handy Manny School for Tools – “A Whole Lot of Holes” (NEW)
11:30AM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – “A Surprise for Minnie”
11:55AM Mickey’s Mousekercize Shorts – “Minnie the Cat” (NEW)
12:00PM Jake and the Never Land Pirates – “Hide the Hideout! / The Old Shell Game”
12:25PM Special Agent Oso: Three Healthy Steps – “Shoot a Basketball” (NEW)
12:30PM Jungle Junction – “Hiccup Power / Fifi Frenzy” (NEW)
12:55PM Handy Manny School for Tools – “A Small Job” (NEW)
1:00PM Special Agent Oso – “Greenfinger / For Sleepy Eyes Only” (NEW)
1:25PM A Poem Is… – “Mother’s Song” (NEW)
1:30PM Imagination Movers – “Goldilocks and the Four Movers” (NEW)

Disney Junior will launch as a full 24/7 television network in the United States in 2012, replacing the SOAPnet channel.