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“Good Luck Charlie” Season One Ratings Recap

Author: Nickandmore!

Now that all 26 episodes from the Disney Channel original series Good Luck Charlie’s first season have aired, let’s take a look back at the ratings through the season:

Date Time Episode Title Total Viewers (Millions)
Apr-4-2010 8:30PM Study Date 4.687
Apr-11-2010 8:30PM Baby Come Back 3.812
Apr-18-2010 8:30PM The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney 4.108
Apr-25-2010 8:30PM Double Whammy 3.384
May-2-2010 8:30PM Dance Off 3.593
May-9-2010 8:30PM Charlie Did It! 3.861
May-16-2010 8:30PM Butt-Dialing Duncans 3.739
May-23-2010 8:30PM Charlie is 1 3.687
Jun-6-2010 8:30PM Up a Tree 2.932
Jun-13-2010 8:30PM Take Mel Out to the Ball Game 3.451
Jun-27-2010 8:30PM Boys Meets Girls 3.154
Jul-11-2010 8:30PM Kit and Kaboodle 5.029
Aug-1-2010 8:30PM Teddy’s Little Helper 4.968
Aug-15-2010 8:30PM Blankie Go Bye-Bye N/A
Aug-29-2010 8:30PM Charlie Goes Viral 4.254
Sept-12-2010 8:30PM Duncans Got Talent 3.816
Sept-19-2010 8:30PM Kwikki Chick 3.004
Oct-17-2010 8:30PM Charlie In Charge 3.848
Oct-24-2010 8:30PM Sleepless in Denver N/A
Nov-14-2010 8:00PM Girl Bites Dog 3.869
Nov-21-2010 8:00PM Teddy’s Broken Heart Club Band 4.113
Nov-28-2010 8:00PM Teddy Rebounds 3.695
Dec-12-2010 8:00PM Pushing Buttons 3.408
Jan-16-2011 8:30PM Snow Show (1) 6.656
Jan-23-2011 8:00PM Snow Show (2) 4.262
Jan-30-2011 8:00PM Driving Mrs. Dabney 3.745

The second season of Good Luck Charlie premieres Sunday, February 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Ratings information via Travis Yanan, TV by the Numbers or Disney Channel press releases.